EURISCO database training

A training course for users of the EURISCO database was held in Plovdiv (Bulgaria) from 12-14 September.

The training was conducted by Stephan Weise, head of the ECPGR Information and Documentation Working Group. Staff from 15 national gene banks participated.

The training included practical work with the gene bank data, their organisation and uploading to the EURISCO database.

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Plant genetic resource collection expedition.

The staff of the Agricultural Research Centre's Genebank and Grassland Breeding Group organised a seed collection expedition to natural habitats on the Saaremaa and nearby islands and grasslands. 

Ants Bender, Sirje Tamm, Priit Pechter and Külli Annamaa took part in the collection trip. 

The destinations of the expedition were Saaremaa, Loonalaid and the islands of Salava and Vilsandi.

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The University of Tartu Botanical Garden hosts a garden day on 3 June

Annual meeting of plant lovers takes place for the 13th time at the Botanic Garden
on Saturday, 3 June from 10 am to 3 pm.

This year's Garden Day is dedicated to the Botanic Garden's 220th anniversary.

You can discover fascinating plants and buy your own favourites. Any gardening enthusiast can find something to add to their garden at the Botanic Garden.

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Nordic and Baltic GENBIS training at Nordgen

The Nordic Genetic Resource Centre carried out the second training course of the GENBIS database in Alnarp from 26-28 April. The participants from Estonia were Reijo Simson (Polli Horticultural Research Centre) and Vahur Kukk (METK Genebank). The training was coordinated by Jan Svensson and conducted by Kjell Ake Lindbald, Pawel Chrominski, Maohammad El-Khaleif, Johan Axelsson and Kit Lundberg.

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Latvian Genebank visited METK gene bank

The Rural Science Centre was visited by staff from the Latvian Genebank and potato and barley breeders and researchers from the Priekuli Plant Breeding Centre. 

The guests were given an overview of the development activities at the Knowledge Centre and were introduced to the results of plant breeding of different species and current topics.

Latvian colleagues were introduced to the activities of the METKI gene bank and the plant biotechnology department.

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Interested parties from the Taibukate Research School in the Gene Bank

Mari Järve, CEO of the Taibukate Science School in Viljandi, visited the genebank and genetics lab of the Rural Knowledge Exchange with 11 students.

The guests were welcomed and given information by the head of the gene bank, Külli Annamaa.

Teabukate Science School has set itself the goal of finding talented young people in the city and county of Viljandi in order to develop their creativity.

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