The Polli Horticultural Research Centre of the Estonian University of Life Sciences conducts the preservation of fruit and berry cultures and is involved into development of horticultural research.


  • The collection, characterisation, long-term preservation and exploration of the fruit and berry cultures of genetic resources in collection gardens.
  • Exploration of the bioactive compounds of the selected accessions of fruit and berry crops.
  • Examination of the technological possibilities for industrial use of horticultural products.
  • Allows free access to accessions to the scientific community (plant breeders, horticultural scientists, geneticists, other gene banks).
  • Demonstration and promotion of local varieties and promoting international cooperation.


The collections contain a total of 1,248 accessions of 18 species. These include 143 varieties bred in Estonia,
including 53 apple, 10 pear, 19 sweet cherry, 22 plum (including ground varieties), 3 strawberry, 6 raspberry,
13 blackcurrant, 2 redcurrant, 2 whitecurrant, 7 gooseberry and 6 apple rootstock varieties.

In addition, there are 92 apple trees, 36 pear trees and 5 blackcurrant varieties of Estonian origin in the collection.
Since 1994, these collections have been part of the Estonian crop plant gene pool.

The Centre for Horticultural Research in Polli, as the participant of the national programme, is responsible for conservatin of the genetic diversity of fruit and berry crops bred in Estonia and provides access to all users.
The passport data of Estonian varieties conserved at the Horticultural Research Centre are available through the Genetic Resources Database.

Variety Repository

The purpose of the varietal repository is to introduce the varieties of fruit and berry cultures grown in Estonia and to promote new domestic breeding lines.
The Centre wants to be a reliable source of information and to gradually improve the quality of information in cooperation with users. Browse our varietal repository and prefer local food!

The list of fruit and berry accessions preserved in the Polli Horticultural Research Centre can be acquainted here:

List of Recommended Varieties

The Estonian Fruit and Berry Variety Guide
has been compiled to help both the home gardener
and the horticultural producer in finding and selecting the right varieties for the garden
Check out our varieties in the Estonian University of Life Sciences' variety library.

Browse the entire collection

The Polli Horticultural Research Centre of the Estonian University of Life Sciences maintains in situ over 1200 fruit and berry varieties. 

See our collection Estonian University of Life Sciences - Estonian University of Life Sciences.

Share your experience with us!

Contribute to plant breeding research.
If you have experience in growing, using or conserving varieties, please share your observations here:
Estonian University of Life Sciences, Estonian University of Life Sciences.


Estonian University of Life Sciences
Institute of Agriculture and the Environment
Polli Centre for Horticultural Research

Uus 2
Polli village
Mulgi municipality
69108 Viljandimaa

Phone: +372 433 1458



Ave Kikas
Senior Researcher
Preservation of genetic resources

Phone: 7 313 581; 513 2081

Kersti Kahu
Chief Specialist

Phone: 7 313 585; 53 474 802

Hedi Kaldmäe
Analysis unit manager
Biochemical analyses, ECPGR network

Phone: +372 7 313 583; +372 5266 552

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