Who we are

        The association's field of activity is:

  • preservation of indigenous domestic animals and plants in Estonia, their promotion, protection and introduction;
  • organisation of trainings and dissemination of information;
  • organisation of support and charity campaigns;
  • the awarding of grants for the organisation and carrying out of studies related to the objectives of the Association.

The association organises the creation and replenishment of a data bank for indigenous domestic animals and plants.

In this regard, the Association is looking for indigenous domestic animals and plants both in Estonia and in neighbouring countries and mediates domestic animals, plant seeds and saplings.

The association cooperates with organisations operating for similar purposes in Estonia and abroad.other activities arising from the objectives.

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Annika Michelson


Phone: +372 5341 6962

Facebook: Annika Michelson

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    Pristine domestic animals or the land breed

    Our local breeds were formed from domesticated animals. Domesticated animals are an Estonian horse, native dairy cattle, local goats, lambs, pigs, goose, dogs, cats and Nordic brown bee.
    Local breed
    Estonian quail is a local breed. Has bred 1978-1988 from Japanese and Egyptian quail. Tori Horse is also a local breed.
    Pristine plants or local varieties
    Local varieties are plants that have adapted to the local climate. Their value is in preservation of nature's diversity, their genetic and cultural inheritance. Indigenous domestic animals, plants and human beings have character traits, values and traditions, which are well adapted to local conditions.
    Plant age groups:
    Local varieties > 1949
    Local breeds1950-1989
    Rahvaselektsiooni sordid < 1990
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