Implementation activities of the 2021-2027 programme

Activity 1: Mapping and collecting genetic resource
– Organising expeditions to map the genetic resources of agricultural crops and wild species of crops, to collect information and to supplement ex situ collections.
– Inventory of private collections of fruit and berry crops and ornamental plants.

Activity 2: Preservation and management of ex situ collections of genetic resource
– Collecting, storing and systematic upgrades of genetic resource in ex situ collections.
– Storage of spare stores in other collections.
– Improvement of quality management guidelines for storage and instructions for describing and evaluating preservation.
The establishment of a quarantine system for species with dangerous plant diseases.
– Carry out virus checks as part of the monitoring of the Agricultural and Food Board.

Activity 3: Conservation of wild species of cultivated plants
– Drawing up an action plan for the conservation of wild related species of cultivated plants – mapping of habitats on the basis of the list of priority species (88 species), complementing ex situ collections.
- Planning of preservation in cooperation with the Ministry of the Environment.

Activity 4: Documenting and transferring genetic resource data to databases
– Documenting genetic resource data, managing and upgrading information from databases GENBIS, EURISCO, Genesys.
The creation of a genetic resource collection planning database.

Activity 5: Phenotypic and genotypic characterisation of the genetic resource
– Studying the economic and biological characteristics of genetic resources and genetic characterisation.
– Assessment of the winter and disease resistance of ornamental plants, fruit and berry crops.

Activity 6: Making the genetic resource in collections available for research and development, teaching and plant breeding
– Exchange of protection in accordance with international agreements (ITPGRFA, Nagoya Protocol) and rules of procedure.

Activity 7: Expand the use of genetic resources
– Registration of conservation varieties for their cultivation and marketing.
- In order to allow small quantities of propagating material of unregistered varieties and for the establishment of a fruit and berry crop conservation variety in the variety list, the intention to develop the Plant Propagation and Plant Variety Rights Act shall be initiated in 2021.
– The issue of retainers from collections to hobby gardeners on the basis of the contract of hobby gardeners.
– Support for the cultivation of local plants from Estonian rural development plan and CAP measures.

Activity 8: Outreach activities
The preparation of the annual communication plan.
– Promoting the use of genetic resources. Organising information events – presentation days, information days, exhibitions, publications, media coverage.

Activity 9: Manage the program's website
– Updating website and updating information. Establishment of a system for the notification of genetic resources.

Activity 10: Cooperation between institutions maintaining, presenting and investigating genetic resources
The organisation of cooperation between the bodies carrying out the programme to coordinate the activities of the programme.
– Cooperation with research institutions to study genetic resources and clarify its characteristics.
– Participation in the work of the Programme Board.

Activity 11: Participation in international cooperation
– International reporting, participation in projects.
– Participation in the cooperation networks of genetic resources in the Nordic and Baltic countries and representation of Estonia.

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